Morley - ABY Mix

Musical Instruments

Item #: 100728002

Type: Guitar - Pedals

Brand: Morley

Model: ABY Mix

Size: 2 Channel

Color: Black

Location: Pompano Beach

With a Morley ABY MIX, you can combine, split, rout, and A/B your guitars signal, adding amazing depth and dimension to your sound. Plug in two guitars and run them to the same amp, or plug two guitars into the ABY MIX and run both to a pair of amps. Toggle each output individually, and use the ABY MIX as a fully discrete effects loop selector, running your distortion on one output path and your time-based effects on the other. Thanks to its separate input volume controls, you can also use your ABY MIX as a summing mixer. Combine two ABY MIXs and a some effects and you have a complete tonal playground of possibilities

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