GCPAWN.com and ALL Pawnbrokers need your help to Rally Congress!

Our Government will soon be requiring all pawnshops to collect from customers their private and protected Social Security Numbers for the sake of engaging in the long term practice of a short term collateral based loan simply to determine if a customer is an active member of our Armed Services to enable a reduced 36% APR interest rate for all pawn loans. Don't confuse our motives; we at GCPAWN (and most pawnbrokers), are more than willing to help out our armed service members, however there needs to be a different method to confirm their status without collecting Social Security Numbers, from every single customer who wishes to get a short term loan. Would you want to give us your Social Security Number to borrow $100 for a week???

Co-Owner Josh is the President of the Florida Pawnbrokers Association and is happy to answer any questions anyone may have about this. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about this.

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