ProMariner - ProSport 12


Item #: 002577901

Type: Battery Charger

Brand: ProMariner

Model: ProSport 12

Color: Grey/Yellow

Size: 12 Amp / 12-24V

Year: na

Location: Pompano Beach

Increased Power & Performance. Heavy Duty Recreational Series On-Board Marine Battery ChargerProSport Gen 3 On-Board Marine Battery Chargers incorporate all-digital microprocessor control. Like no other, the Pro Sport Series provides automatic installation feedback with its exclusive "System Check OK" and individual "Battery Bank Trouble" LED indicators, and also has the most advanced energy saving mode. After fully charging and conditioning batteries, ProSport's Energy Saver Mode will monitor and Auto Maintain batteries only when needed to maintain a full state of charge, resulting in maximum reserve power performance and lower AC power consumption and operating costs.

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