Ocean Technology Systems - Buddy Phone RX-100-D2-A

Diving equipment

Item #: 100752205

Type: Communication Device

Brand: Ocean Technology Systems

Model: Buddy Phone RX-100-D2-A

Color: Black

Size: 33kHz (50-500m)

Location: Pompano Beach

Designed as an acoustic underwater listening device to be used with all Buddy Phone or Aquacom
transceivers within range on the same frequency. The diver simply attaches the RX-100 to the face
mask and is ready to go. When the diver enters the water, the RX-100 powers up and cycles to the
receive mode-ready to receive a message. Compatible with all OTS through the water communications systems (surface & diver) and
receives on Channel 1 at 33kHz.Normal range 50-500 meters.

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